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The Performing Arts Center is a fairly recent addition to the town of Duxbury. The PAC is a modern theatre that can hold audiences of up to 1000 people. It has proven itself to be a great addition to our town by bringing in countless events to our town, like the Hingham Symphony Orchestra and the Celtics Legends, The Irish Rovers. However, when time comes for planning these events and tickets need to be made, when seating capacity needs to be considered, when presenters and ticket-holders need accurate seating charts, things can get confusing. This confusion was mainly caused by the fact that the Duxbury Performing Arts Center did not have an accurate construction/seating plan. The existing plans for the Center did not match what was actually built and therefore, it proved difficult to resolve any of the aforesaid problems (ie. tickets and seating charts). Confronted with this problem, the Director of the PAC came to Mr. Connors of the Technology Department at Duxbury High School to look for a student who wouldn't mind solving this problem. I was asked fix the plans and I gladly accepted. I retrieved paper copies of the original plans from Mr. Kelso at the PAC, made by Drummy Rosane Anderson (DRA), Inc, the architectural firm that designed and created the PAC. After going through the Performing Arts Center and sketching out the floor plan and the seat numbers and row letters, I found where the errors in the plan were, and set out to fix them. I borrowed AutoCAD 2004 from an architect who just so happened to be the husband of my cheerleading coach. He helped me to get familiar with the program and then I requested the AutoCAD original files of the PAC floorplan from DRA Inc. With the help of Mr. Kelso, I was able to obtain the files and start making my changes. Now the new plan that I have made will be used to solve the problems concerning tickets and accurate seating charts at the Duxbury Performing Arts Center.





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